Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teaching Jobs as of April 25, 2011

If you have a degree in any discipline, a good understanding of the English language including pronunciation and a TESOL Certificate, you can teach overseas. Here are some of the teaching jobs available. 

Current Database Status (country/jobs):
Afghanistan[1], Algeria[1], Bolivia[2], Brazil[1], China[33], Czech Republic[2], France[1], Germany[3], Greece[1], Hong Kong[1], Indonesia[7], Iraq[1], Ireland[1], Italy[8], Japan[5], Jordan[2], Kazakhstan[2], Kyrgyzstan[1], Latvia[1], Macau[1], Malaysia[2], Oman[1], Poland[4], Portugal[1], Romania[2], Russian Federation[13], Saudi Arabia[7], Singapore[1], Slovakia[2], South Korea[8], Spain[13], Taiwan[1], Thailand[4], Turkey[3], Ukraine[1], United Arab Emirates[2], United Kingdom[142], United States[1], Vietnam[6], Worldwide[12] 

To gain teaching experience, you should be prepared to go where the jobs are. Sure you may want to teach in a certain country but if jobs there are few, start in China, Korea, Thailand or other country where English teachers are in demand. It will be easier for you to gain experience and you can improve your education at the same time as you experience a new culture.