Monday, December 21, 2015

Worldwide ESL Jobs as of December 21, 2015!

561 ESL teaching positions open this week around the world from big cities to the Steppes of Mongolia to a remote African village. Whatever adventure you are looking for, you will find it as a teacher of English somewhere in the world. Take our TESOL or TEFL Certificate Course and you will be ready in 4-6 weeks (assuming you already have a degree).

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Worldwide Teaching Jobs as of December 14, 2015

This Week's Worldwide Jobs
The following ESL teaching jobs have been added to our database during the past 7 days. We only show countries where English is not the first language. A ‘v’ after a number indicates a volunteer (unpaid) position. All others, to the best of our knowledge are salaried and contracted positions.

Austria 1, Bulgaria 1, Cambodia 3 + 2v,  China 100 +, Colombia 2 + 2v, Czech Republic 10, Ecuador 3, France 27, Germany 12, Greece 6, Honduras 4v, Hong Kong 8, Hungary 2, Indonesia 10, Italy 47, Japan 12, Kazakhstan 2, Kuwait 2, Mongolia 2, Morocco 2, Myanmar 6, Nepal 1, Oman 8, Poland 7, Portugal 4, Qatar 1, Russian Federation 16, Saudi Arabia 70 +, Singapore 4, Slovakia 3, South Korea 16, Spain 100 +, Taiwan 4, Tanzania 1, Thailand 7, Tunisia 4, Turkey 7, Ukraine 1, Vietnam 30 +.

547 ESL teaching positions are available around the world this week. Interested in teaching English and making a difference to hundreds...perhaps thousands of eager students? Take our TESOL or TEFL Certificate Course and, with your degree in any discipline, you will be ready in 4-6 weeks to take on the world! Start applying while you are taking our course and chances are you may already have a teaching job to go to by the time you complete your studies. The need for qualified ESL teachers is so great that it can and does sometimes happen that fast!

What are you waiting for? During the course, we will show you how to apply for any of the above jobs – and hundreds more.  Register for our TESOL or TEFL Certificate Course and get started today!

Robert W. Taylor
Dean of Studies

Sunbridge Institute of English