Tuesday, October 23, 2012

There is a Teaching Job Waiting For You Overseas!

    There are always many teaching jobs available. The key to finding a position quickly is to be flexible. If you are new to teaching, be ready to accept a teaching post in a country even if it is not your first choice. Once you have experience, you can be more selective. The main thing is to build experience.

    Here are some of thousands of teaching jobs that are available as of October 15, 2012.  These are from only one source. There are many such sources. When you register for our TESOL course, we will show you where to find teaching positions:

    Current Database Status: country [jobs]:

    Azerbaijan[1], Cambodia[2], Chile[2], China[49], Czech Republic[2], Egypt[2], France[1], Germany[3], Greece[1], Hong Kong[3], India[2], Indonesia[10], Iraq[1], Ireland[1], Italy[15], Japan[3], Kazakhstan[5], Kuwait[1], Libya[2], Malaysia[6], Mexico[1], Oman[2], Poland[3], Portugal[2], Qatar[1], Russian Federation[8], Saudi Arabia[16], Serbia[1], Singapore[2], Slovakia[1], South Korea[2], Spain[25], Taiwan[1], Thailand[1], Turkey[6], Ukraine[1], United Kingdom[16], Vietnam[7], Worldwide[17]

    Wherever you want to go, teaching jobs are likely available but it is harder to get hired in some places. Western Europe is a tough nut to crack. Eastern Europe has many opportunities as does South America. Still atop the list of areas that desperately need many English teachers is Asia.  It is tougher to get a teaching job in Hong Kong and Japan but South Korea, Thailand, China and Indonesia offer many opportunities. Be flexible and prepared to go where the jobs are to gain experience.

    All it takes is a degree and a TESOL certificate . Most schools will even reimburse your airfare if you apply from your home country!

    Remember, these are from one source only. We can tell you there are hundreds of teaching jobs available.

    There couldn't be a better time to get started than right now! You could be teaching in one of these countries within a few weeks. Our students are often hired even before they complete the TESOL course and we are delighted to forward their certificate to their new school!

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    Few other courses can have such an immediate impact on your life the way the Sunbridge Institute TESOL course can.

    Register, study and complete the e-learning assignments on your computer from anywhere in the world! All you need is access to the Internet.

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