Monday, September 16, 2013

Big Season for New Teaching Jobs!

Ah September! The prime time when schools around the world are hiring new teachers. Some people may be thinking "Gee, I'm late! All the good jobs are probably gone." 

It's a funny thing though. There are still many positions out there that have not yet been filled. Not only that but not everyone is cut out to be a teacher. Some folks want to try it and find it's not for them. They often find out quickly and quit. Maybe they found out that teaching is not for them - or maybe they gave up on themselves. You should never give up on yourself. You have to give situations a chance. 

Here are a new set of teaching jobs posted as of September 16, 2013 - today! You can't get any fresher than that, can you? 

Australia[1], Cambodia[2], Chile[1], China[45], Czech Republic[4], France[3], Germany[2], Hong Kong[2], Indonesia[5], Iraq[1], Ireland[2], Italy[22], Japan[2], Kazakhstan[1], Kuwait[1], Lebanon[1], Libya[2], Malaysia[1], Maldives[1], Mexico[1], Oman[1], Poland[8], Portugal[4], Russian Federation[13], Saudi Arabia[14], Slovakia[1], South Korea[4], Spain[55], Taiwan[2], Thailand[1], Tunisia[1], Turkey[9], United Kingdom[24], Vietnam[4], Worldwide[19]

Remember...these represent only a tiny number of the total jobs out there.

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