Monday, November 18, 2013

The Latest Overseas Teaching Jobs!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will have realized that every Monday, I post a new list of overseas teaching jobs. Here's today's list:

Australia[1], Austria[1], Bangladesh[1], Belgium[1], Brunei[1], Cambodia[1], Chile[1], China[39], Czech Republic[4], France[2], Hong Kong[4], Indonesia[8], Italy[18], Japan[4], Kazakhstan[2], Kuwait[1], Kyrgyzstan[1], Libya[1], Malaysia[1], Oman[3], Poland[2], Qatar[2], Russian Federation[11], Saudi Arabia[14], Singapore[1], South Korea[5], Spain[33], Taiwan[1], Thailand[3], Turkey[7], Ukraine[1], United Arab Emirates[1], United Kingdom[27], Vietnam[4], Worldwide[19]

Although only several hundred jobs are shown here, don't be fooled. There are thousands of teaching positions out there - but as in other professions, most of the available jobs never get posted. Why is that? 

1. Jobs are often filled from within.

2. Jobs are filled from a list of resumes / CVs already on file.

3. Jobs are only posted locally.

Back to # 2 for a second... even though a school in your preferred country / area may not have an opening for you at the moment, it never hurts to send your resume / CV to them anyway. If they like your credentials - education, experience and TESOL, they will keep your details on file until the right opening comes along.  But don't just blanket the schools, do a little research and be selective in the schools you approach. Then, be ready to go. When a school contacts you, they are usually looking for someone NOW. Oh, I'm not saying you should have your bag packed and sitting by the door but be sure your passport is valid and has lots of time left on it. 

If schools don't know about you, they can't contact you so make yourself known. Meanwhile, if you are serious about wanting to teach overseas and don't yet have a TESOL certificate, I recommend you get one quickly. It is one more step in being prepared. Schools like to see a TESOL credential. It shows you have the exact training they are looking for and it's another way to get your foot in the door! We can help you get your TESOL qualification. Click here!

Dr. Robert Taylor


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