Monday, August 4, 2014

New Overseas Teaching Jobs

Well, we are into August. Overseas schools that follow the September - June school year as we do here in North America will be starting back next month so they are heavy into recruiting to fill gaps. But, if you are not quite ready, don't despair! Once the school year begins, some new teachers find that teaching, or the school, or whatever is not for them and the quit... leaving the school with a gap to fill somewhere during a term. Send out your resume (Curriculum Vitae sounds better) and follow up with any schools that particularly interest you.

For a listing of new overseas teaching positions as of today go to:

Where would you like to teach? Does a particular country interest you? Go for it! Send out your resume (CV). Include a picture and a covering letter indicating why you want to teach at that school. When I was hiring in a school in Thailand, I'd receive many resumes (CVs) with no covering letter. These people were blanketing all schools with their info and hoping someone would select them. I always preferred to see a covering letter. It became more personal - showed more interest in my school.

Here in Canada job applicants are not supposed to include a picture or state their age. However, that does not apply overseas. School recruiters are unlikely to bother checking with you if you don't include these because they probably have 20-50 other resumes (CVs) to consider. 

Be sure you have a TESOL certificate or equivalent because this will open many more doors and move your letter to the top of the pile. Don't have your TESOL? Get it here in 4-6 weeks...just in time for the start of the school year!

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