Friday, October 23, 2015

ESL Teachers Badly Needed Worldwide!

The following ESL teaching jobs have been added to our database during the past 7 days. We only show countries where English is not the first language. A ‘v’ after a number indicates a volunteer (unpaid) position. All others, to the best of our knowledge are salaried and contracted positions.

Austria 2, Azerbaijan 3, Barbados 1, Belgium 1, Brazil 3, Bulgaria 2, Cambodia 3v, Chile 1, China 100 +, Colombia 2, Czech Republic 10, Ecuador 5, France 6, Germany 10, Greece 6, Honduras 3v, Hong Kong 8, Hungary 2, Indonesia 12, Italy 50 +, Japan 12, Jordan 1, Kazakhstan 5, Kuwait 2, Malaysia 2, Maldives 1, Mexico 3, Poland 12, Portugal 5, Romania 1 + 1v, Russian Federation 15, Saudi Arabia 15, Singapore 2, Slovakia 5, South Korea 10, Spain 100 +, Taiwan 4, Tanzania 1, Thailand 8, Turkey 8, Ukraine 1, United Arab Emirates 2, Vietnam 25.

470 ESL Teachers are needed this week in exotic locations around the globe. Will you apply? Why not give it a shot? A degree in any discipline, a TESOL or TEFL Certificate as well as an interest in seeing a new part of the world, experiencing a new culture and helping students and adults to learn to communicate correctly in English (of which you have an excellent command of course) are about all the qualifications you need. Change your life almost immediately!

Our certificate course is only $300 USD and you can complete it in 4-6 weeks! Click our link to get started.

Dr. Robert Taylor
Dean of Studies
Sunbridge Institute of English

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