Monday, November 16, 2015

Do I need a degree to teach overseas?

If you plan to teach in a regular school, yes, you most likely do need a degree. It does not have to be a teaching degree, though. A BA, BSc, B Eng, etc. will usually be fine...when coupled with a TESOL or TEFL Certificate and we can get you that in 4-6 weeks.

If you are willing to teach in a language school, you likely will be able to do so without a degree. We know of at least one major worldwide chain of language schools that, in its ad for its schools in China, says 'while a university degree is preferred, it is not essential'. Aha! That opens the door a little wider for those who do not yet * have a degree. This may vary by country, but, you know what? China is a great place to start. There are usually thousands of ESL jobs available. It is a great way to learn all about a different culture, get some experience (and maybe a degree while you teach), learn some Chinese, make a bunch of new friends, explore a country rich in thousands of years of heritage and much more!

* Why do I say 'not yet'? Because the more education and /or experience you can bring to the table, the better your chances of getting hired at a better salary so even if you don't have a degree right now, you should consider getting one. Nowadays you can easily do that over time by e-learning. Many regular universities offer online degrees.

Language schools fill a definite need for more English knowledge than students learn in regular schools. Couple that with an announcement this week that the Thai Ministry of Education is planning to slash foreign teachers and give more training to Thai teachers of English is good news for language schools - more tutoring is going to be required. Of course, language schools operate outside of regular school hours so you will find yourself working evenings and weekends. Some people like that and they don't have to follow so many 'school rules' that accompany teaching in regular school systems.

A number of big language school chains have schools in virtually every major city and alot of smaller ones, too! Think about it and if you decide to try teaching, we are here to help you 'make it happen!'

Dr Robert Taylor
Dean of Studies
Sunbridge Institute of English

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