Monday, April 25, 2016

776 teaching jobs have just been posted to our job board!

776 teaching jobs have just been posted to our job board – week of April 25, 2016. A ‘v’ after a number means a ‘volunteer’ or likely unpaid job. All others are presumably salaried and contracted positions.

Afghanistan 6, Austria 1, Azerbaijan 2, Bahrain 1, Bangladesh 2,Belgium 3, Bulgaria 1, Cambodia 3, Chile 8, China 200 +, Colombia 5, Czech Republic 20, Ecuador 2, Egypt 3, France 50, Germany 5, Greece 6, Honduras 4v, Hong Kong 70, India 1v. Indonesia 10, Italy 50 +, Japan 12, Kazakhstan 6, Kenya 1, Kuwait 1, Kyrgyzstan 1, Malaysia 1, Mexico 1, Myanmar 10, Oman 4, Poland 10, Portugal 6, Qatar 1, Romania 1, Russian Federation 34, Saudi Arabia 30 +, Singapore 5, Slovakia 7, South Korea 20 +, Spain  100 + 2 v, Sudan 1, Taiwan 3, Tanzania 1, Thailand 12, Tunisia 3, Turkey 12, Ukraine 2, United Arab Emirates 3, Vietnam 34.

This is a record 776 ESL positions waiting for teachers around the world. Will there ever be a better opportunity to you to see another country and get paid for it? Doubtful! But if you don’t act quickly the best of these jobs will be snapped up by people already teaching who are ready to move on to another adventure. So what about you? Are you ready to add some excitement to your life? Make new friends? See a new country? Maybe learn a new language? Add international experience to your resume?

If you have a degree in any discipline, our TESOL or TEFL Certificate Course can be the key to many of these positions. Time to step up to the plate and hit one out of the park and into another country! Click out link NOW and get started. 4-6 weeks is all it will take to complete our course and it is only $300 USD!

Even if you don’t have a degree yet, there are still opportunities for you out there. Click our link and email us!

Dr Robert W Taylor
Dean of Studies
Sunbridge Institute of English

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