Tuesday, January 10, 2017

691 ESL Teaching Positions in 39 Countries on our Job Board this Week!

The following overseas teaching jobs have been posted to our job board as of January 10, 2017. A ‘v’ after a number means a ‘volunteer’ or likely unpaid job. All others are presumably salaried and contracted positions.

Austria 2, Belgium 2, Bolivia 1, Brazil 1, Brunei 2, Burma 2, Cambodia 2, Chile 6, China 200 +, Czech Republic 8, Egypt 4, France 110, Germany 7, Greece 4, Hong Kong 8, Indonesia 5, Italy 60 +,  Japan 24, Kazakhstan 3, Kuwait 2, Netherlands 1, Oman 4, Poland 8, Portugal 4, Romania 6, Russian Federation 16, Saudi Arabia 30, Singapore 3, Slovakia 4, South Korea 12, Spain 100 +, Taiwan 4, Tanzania 1, Thailand 1, Tunisia 2, Turkey 6, Ukraine 1, United Arab Emirates 1, Vietnam 24.

There are 691 overseas ESL teaching job openings in 39 countries posted on our job board this week around the world with positions from kindergarten teachers to university professors.  Schools in the Asia-Pacific region start their years anywhere from January to June. Then summer school kicks in followed by the August to September International schools. If teaching and making a difference somewhere in the world interests you, there is never a better time to do something about it than right now.

A degree* in any discipline, a good command of the English language and our TESOL or TEFL Certificate are all you need to apply for most of the above positions. Some schools will even hire you without a degree if you have taken one of our well-respected Certificate. Courses. Pick a country you would like to spend some time in then click our link to get started. Four to six weeks is all it can take!

Dr Robert W. Taylor
Dean of Studies
Sunbridge Institute of English

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