Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Worldwide ESL Teaching Jobs as of January 16, 2018

Hey Aspiring Teachers!

Want to explore the world? Learn a new language? Make a ton of new friends? Boost your resume big time? Help people to learn English? Teaching is one of the best ways to accomplish all these goals in one fell swoop.

Here is where the jobs are. Just posted today...566 ESL teaching jobs in 36 countries around the globe. Those with a ‘v’ after the number indicate ‘volunteer’ positions. You will get housing, meals, medical but no salary. Travel may or may not be paid. All other positions shown should be salaried. Some will even pay your air travel (usually it is reimbursed once you complete your contract).

Austria 2, Belgium 1, Burma 2, Cambodia 3, Chile 6, China 200 +,  Czech Republic 10, Ecuador 2, France 3, Germany 10, Honduras 4v, Hong Kong 7, Hungary 1, Indonesia 8, Italy 60 +, Japan 20 +, Kazakhstan 1, Malaysia 6, Mexico 2, Mongolia 1, Poland 4, Portugal 3, Russian Federation 16, Saudi Arabia 20 +, Singapore 1, Slovakia 4, South Korea 20 +, Spain 100 +, Taiwan 6, Tanzania 1, Thailand 10, Turkey 5, Ukraine 1, United Arab Emirates 6, Vietnam 20 +.

What qualifications do you need?

1.       A degree in any discipline.
2.       Native English speaker are what parents prefer but some schools will hire you if you have a good command of the English language, understanding of grammar, and little or no accent.
3.       A TEFL Certificate. Our TEFL course will get you this in 4-6 weeks! Full tuition is only $300 USD.
4.       Enthusiasm and energy.
5.       Willing to accept other cultures and ways of life.

No degree but want to teach? We have contacts with major education groups in China with some jobs that do not require a degree. This is a great place to gain overseas experience and work on your degree by distance.

Prepare and send us a one-page résumé with your education, other courses or training taken, interests, additional languages spoken and anything else that may help you to become a teacher. Click our link to get started today!

Dr Robert W. Taylor
Dean of Studies
Sunbridge Institute of English


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