Monday, May 14, 2018

More Confusing Words: Assure, be sure, ensure, insure, make sure and make a point

English has many sets of confusing words. The only way to 'ensure' that you know the differences is to practice using them. Here is one set of words that are often confused: assure, be sure, ensure, for sure, insure, make sure, and make it a point

These words can be drive you batty (crazy). Let’s look at how you use them.

assure = to give certainty
I can assure you that your valuables will be perfectly fine if you use the safe in your room.

be sure = to take care (to be or do as specified); be certain:
Be sure to close the windows before you leave.

ensure =  to secure or guarantee, to make sure or be certain, to make secure
Please ensure that your seat belt is fastened tightly for take-off.

for sure = without a doubt
I can’t say for sure what Sammy really wants.
“Are you going to the game tonight?”
For sure!

insure =  to provide insurance against something such as insurance policy, to make certain by taking certain measures or precautions (transitive), to contract to give or take insurance (intransitive verb).
You must insure your new car against damage immediately.

make it a point = to give one's attention to (doing something) to make sure that it happens.
Japanese people do not arrive early or late. They make it a point to be exactly on time.

make sure = same as ‘be sure’.
Make sure you get your assignment in before Friday.

Note about Assurance and Insurance:
You may see two different insurance companies...
Prudential Assurance Company (British)
Prudential Insurance Company (US)

In British English, the word ‘assure’ or ‘assurance’ is often used in place of ‘insure’ or ‘insurance’.
We are often asked “Should I take TEFL or TESOL?”

Our answer, “TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is the preferred designation in Europe and schools that teach British English whereas TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is preferred in North, Central and South America and in schools where American English is taught. They are both great courses.  Lately, we have noticed a trend in Asia to prefer TEFL and so we give this designation the edge in popularity among schools and teachers at the moment.” 

Dr Robert

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