Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teaching is not for everyone

Teaching is not for everyone
True, though it is a great experience. Teaching may not be for everyone but everyone knows one or more people who may be interested in considering teaching as a career.

Who do you know who just graduated or is about to graduate from college or university? Who have recently lost his or her job? Who just retired and is bored silly? Who has gone through a divorce and wants to get away for a while? Who is ready for a change of career? Who wants to do some extended traveling and needs a way to pay for it?

If you know anyone in any of those categories, they may consider teaching overseas for a year or two so you might be doing them a favour if you refer them to a website where they can earn their TESOL certificate and prepare to teach oversea. At the same time, you can become an IEC affiliate and make a little cash for yourself just for referring them. That’s a win-win situation! 

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