Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teaching Jobs are Waiting for YOU!

Y'know, I never thought of myself as a teacher. Then, I got the travel bug...well, always had it really but I had never been to Asia. On my first trip, I literally fell in love with the whole area and Thailand in particular. One day, I happened to see a small ad in our daily paper for a TESL course being offered in the city. I enrolled. I didn't know the first thing about teaching but that course taught me everything I needed to know. I started answering ads and it wasn't long before responses started coming in. One night, I received a phone call from Jakarta, Indonesia. A school there wanted me to join them immediately. I actually agreed to go. Then, the same evening about three hours later, I took another call. This time it was from Thailand and I was offered a teaching position. I decided that Thailand was where I wanted to go so I accepted and then called Indonesia back to bow out. It literally changed my life overnight.

Here's a sampling of teahing jobs that are offered around the world:

Bulgaria[1], China[29], Czech Republic[2], France[2], Germany[1], Greece[1], Hong Kong[1], India[1], Indonesia[6], Iraq[1], Italy[12], Japan[2], Kazakhstan[1], Libyan Arab Jamahiriya[1], Malaysia[3], Oman[2], Poland[1], Portugal[1], Qatar[1], Russian Federation[4], Saudi Arabia[8], Singapore[1], South Korea[6], Spain[8], Sri Lanka[1], Thailand[2], Turkey[4], Ukraine[1], United Arab Emirates[5], United Kingdom[74], Vietnam[4], Worldwide[8] 

Where would you like to go?

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