Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Critical Need for ESL Teachers!

Here is the latest posting of ESL Teaching positions. There are over 400 jobs here and remember that this represents only a small portion of the available jobs: 

Current Database Status (country/jobs):
Austria[1], Azerbaijan[2], Bhutan[1], Brazil[1], China[41], Czech Republic[2], France[2], Georgia[1], Germany[3], Greece[3], Hong Kong[2], Indonesia[4], Italy[22], Japan[1], Kazakhstan[4], Kyrgyzstan[1], Malawi[1], Malaysia[1], Mexico[1], Myanmar[1], Oman[1], Poland[6], Portugal[3], Russian Federation[7], Saudi Arabia[14], Singapore[1], Slovakia[1], South Africa[1], South Korea[7], Spain[34], Tanzania[1], Thailand[2], Turkey[3], Ukraine[2], United Arab Emirates[2], United Kingdom[118], United States[1], Vietnam[6], Worldwide[14] 

The country with the most critical need for teachers is China. It is a great place to gain some experience, learn a new culture, perhaps the language, make new friends and come away with a much better understanding of China and its people. All you need is a degree in any discipline and a TESOL Certificate. You can earn your TESOL in a month or so and be on your way to China or another country almost right away. If you have your degree already, a TESOL Certificate is the only thing preventing you from a whole new experience.

Robert Taylor

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