Monday, August 26, 2013

International Schools Need Teachers Now!

September is traditionally the time when schools in North America and Europe open. Schools in Asia open during the spring - except for International Schools. They usually open in September.

Here is the latest list of teaching jobs:

Australia[1], Brazil[1], Cambodia[2], Chile[1], China[48], Czech Republic[3], Estonia[1], France[3], Germany[3], Greece[1], Hong Kong[4], Indonesia[7], Iraq[3], Ireland[1], Italy[17], Japan[3], Kazakhstan[2], Libya[1], Netherlands[1], Oman[1], Poland[6], Portugal[1], Russian Federation[14], Saudi Arabia[13], Singapore[2], South Korea[6], Spain[39], Taiwan[1], Tajikistan[1], Tanzania[1], Thailand[2], Tunisia[1], Turkey[4], United Arab Emirates[1], United Kingdom[35], Vietnam[8], Worldwide[15]

Wait! This is the tip of the iceberg! Ninety percent of the jobs out there are never posted. Why? Often they are filled from within the school or from a list of candidates who have recently applied.  If your resume (CV) is not on the School Director's desk, chances are, you will never even hear about the good jobs they have open. So how do you rectify that?

If you have a degree and a TESOL / TEFL certificate and want to teach overseas, you need to be sending your resume (CV) out to all and sundry. Want to teach but don't have your TESOL ? TEFL? Click here and we'll get you certified within a month. Don't worry. Schools are always looking for good, qualified teachers!

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