Monday, August 12, 2013

Schools are hiring now!


Virtually every non English-speaking country needs qualified English teachers and they are hiring NOW! . Scroll down to a new list of teaching jobs around the world.

If you are new to teaching, be ready to accept a teaching post in a country even if it is not your first choice. Once you have experience, you can be more selective. The main thing is be flexible in the beginning and build experience.

Below are some of the thousands of current jobs. These are from one source. There are many such sources. When you register for our TESOL course, we will show you where to find teaching positions:

Here are the latest teaching jobs from around the world as of August 12, 2013. Bear in mind that this represents only a small portion of all the jobs out there.

Current Database Status (country/jobs):
Australia[1], Cambodia[1], Chile[1], China[47], Czech Republic[5], Estonia[2], France[4], Germany[5], Greece[1], Hong Kong[5], Indonesia[9], Ireland[2], Italy[15], Japan[1], Kazakhstan[2], Libya[1], Malaysia[1], Morocco[1], Oman[3], Poland[7], Portugal[1], Russian Federation[17], Saudi Arabia[12], Singapore[1], Slovakia[1], South Korea[5], Spain[45], Taiwan[1], Thailand[1], Tunisia[1], Turkey[6], Ukraine[1], United Kingdom[52], Vietnam[8], Worldwide[18]

There couldn't be a better time to get started than right now! You could be teaching in one of these countries within a few weeks. Some of our students are hired even before they complete their TESOL course and we are delighted to forward their certificate to their new school!

All it takes is a degree and a TESOL certificate . Most schools will even reimburse your airfare! WAIT! No degree? Contact us through our web site! We can help you! Go to our web site and get started today on a course that will change your life very quickly! Jobs are tough to get at home. Not so overseas. All you need is a willingness to accept other cultures, a degree in any discipline and our TESOL certificate.  

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