Monday, October 14, 2013

Amaze Yourself - Teach Overseas - Latest Jobs!

When someone suggested to me (a long time ago) that I should think about teaching overseas, I rejected the idea. I wasn't sure facing classes of kids all day long, day after day was for me. Then I took a TESOL course and for the heck of it started applying. A couple weeks later, I got a call about 7:00 PM. It was from a school principal in Jakarta, Indonesia. He wanted me to start immediately. I accepted and my wife and I began talking about travel arrangements.

We went to bed about 11:00 PM and at 11:30, the phone rang again. This time it was a recruiter in Thailand. I said I had already accepted a position in Indonesia. He pleaded with me to change my mind and come to Thailand. In the end, I agreed. (My wife being Thai helped to persuade me.) I had to call the school in Indonesia back and give them the bad news.

Twenty-five years later, fourteen of which I taught in Thailand and I am really glad I did. I found out that I loved teaching. It broadened my mind, my experiences, my friendships and my education. I went from having a BBA to an MA TESOL, and finally my doctorate. For me learning has become a lifelong passion and I thing teachers learn as much as their students do. It is also satisfying to watch students whom you have taught develop over the years.

Here are the latest overseas jobs as of October 14, 2013. The number of teaching positions after each country is shown in [  ]'s.

Belgium[1], Brunei[1], Bulgaria[1], Cambodia[1], Chile[1], China[38], Czech Republic[3], France[2], Georgia[1], Germany[2], Greece[1], Hong Kong[1], Indonesia[3], Iraq[1], Italy[22], Japan[3], Kazakhstan[4], Kosovo[1], Kuwait[1], Kyrgyzstan[1], Libya[5], Malaysia[3], Mexico[1], Oman[1], Poland[2], Portugal[3], Russian Federation[8], Saudi Arabia[19], South Korea[4], Spain[35], Taiwan[1], Thailand[3], Tunisia[1], Turkey[5], United Arab Emirates[1], United Kingdom[13], United States[1], Vietnam[5], Worldwide[13]

Remember, this is but a tiny percentage of what's really out there. Here's your chance to make a difference to hundreds, perhaps thousands of eager students, as a teacher of English...and who knows, like me, many other subjects.


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