Friday, May 2, 2014

Efforting to Remain Calm

I have a reader to thank (to blame?) for telling me about a coinage that is new to me.

It may have begun with television announcers, but it’s spreading. Since I began looking for it, I’ve even found it in a book on sociology published by W.W. Norton.

The word is efforting. Here are some examples of its use by television announcers:
We are efforting to restore the signal from Fort Hood.
We are efforting her report. –Brian Williams, NBC
we are efforting, trying to get a reaction from Georgia’s President. –Tony Harris, CNN
we are efforting to get an interview with General Tommy Franks…
Here it is in some Web headlines:
Rugby Canada/USA Rugby efforting to get second half on EPN July 11
Solution efforting seems to fall in a gap between teams
Strong Efforting Team to Avoid Letdown
Group efforting signatures to repeal transgender law
The genius of English word formation is responsible for keeping the language supplied with new words for new ideas, and I rejoice in it. But I have to admit that I cannot see what new idea this strange new verb expresses.

It seems to me that one would try to restore a signal. Couldn’t one attempt to get an interview with someone?

Before verbing the noun effort, consider whether one of the following might serve your purpose:
exert oneself
make an effort
work at

Source: Daily Writing Tips

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