Monday, May 9, 2011

ESL Teaching Jobs Worldwide

Current Database Status (country/jobs) as of May 9, 2011:

This is only the tip of the iceberg, but just look at the wide assortment of countries where schools are actively seeking ESL teachers:

Bolivia[1], China[33], Czech Republic[1], France[1], Georgia[1], Germany[2], Greece[1], Hong Kong[1], Indonesia[5], Italy[10], Japan[4], Kazakhstan[4], Latvia[1], Malaysia[4], Oman[1], Poland[6], Portugal[1], Russian Federation[11], Saudi Arabia[8], Singapore[1], Slovakia[1], South Korea[10], Spain[20], Taiwan[1], Thailand[5], Turkey[3], Ukraine[1], United Arab Emirates[1], United Kingdom[144], United States[2], Vietnam[8], Worldwide[13]

All it takes is a degree and a TESOL certificate . Most schools will even reimburse your airfare!

Remember, these are from one source only. I can tell you there are hundreds of teaching jobs available.

Why not get started today? You could be teaching in one of these countries within a few weeks. Such is the demand that students are often hired even before they complete the TESOL course!

With a university degree and a TESOL Certificate, you can start applying to teach overseas immediately - and be prepared to move quickly. Many schools URGENTLY need teachers and they may want you there yesterday! Do a little research first and see what you can find about the school. Have them email you a contract so you can check it out. Ask me for a copy of my eBook Introduction to Teaching Overseas.

Bob Taylor

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