Monday, May 30, 2011

New Teaching Jobs Every Week

The number of teaching jobs that are available around the world seldom dips. There are always good jobs out there. The secret though is to be flexible. And, if you think you might like to try teaching in a certain country, here are some things you can do:

 - read up about that country
 - talk with someone who comes from that country. You can find people through an embassy, consulate or local community association.
 - see if you can find someone who has or is teaching there.
 - email some schools and see what feedback you get from them. See waht they are offering. Some things you can ask for include: settling in allowance, return airfare, contract completion bonus, free internet, meals, housing allowance, language lessons and medical insurance.

Once you've done these things, you will probably get a good feel for the country and its people.  Now, here are the jobs this week. Remember, these are from only once source:

Belgium[1], Bhutan[1], Bolivia[1], China[39], Costa Rica[1], Czech Republic[1], Estonia[1], Georgia[1], Germany[3], Greece[2], Hong Kong[3], Indonesia[5], Iraq[1], Italy[12], Japan[4], Kazakhstan[4], Kyrgyzstan[1], Malaysia[3], Malta[1], Oman[3], Poland[3], Portugal[1], Qatar[1], Russian Federation[12], Saudi Arabia[7], Singapore[1], Slovakia[3], South Korea[8], Spain[23], Taiwan[1], Thailand[4], Turkey[4], Ukraine[2], United Arab Emirates[1], United Kingdom[157], United States[2], Vietnam[8], Worldwide[16]

Jobs in Europe or North America are harder to get. Be willing to go where the jobs are and you will land a job quickly. It is nice to feel wanted and needed! All it usually takes is a degree and a TESOL certificate.

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