Thursday, May 26, 2011

Listing of current ESL Teaching Jobs!

This is the hot season for new jobs in Asia. Spring in other areas of the world hails the beginning of the new school year in Asia. Depending on the country, the new year begins anywhere between March and June so now is a great time to get qualified and begin your jobsearch. Here are current jobs from one source (of many!):

Belgium[1], Bolivia[1], China[34], Costa Rica[1], Czech Republic[3], France[1], Georgia[1], Germany[1], Greece[2], Hong Kong[4], Indonesia[4], Ireland[4], Italy[8], Japan[4], Kazakhstan[4], Lebanon[1], Malaysia[3], Malta[1], Mexico[1], Oman[1], Poland[4], Portugal[1], Russian Federation[9], Saudi Arabia[11], Singapore[1], Slovakia[3], South Korea[8], Spain[31], Taiwan[1], Thailand[4], Turkey[3], Ukraine[2], United Arab Emirates[2], United Kingdom[143], United States[2], Vietnam[7], Worldwide[12] 

Where would you like to visit for a year or two?  All it takes is a degree, a TESOL Certificate and an enthusiastic and open attitude.

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