Monday, June 27, 2011

421 New teachers needed!

The latest database of new ESL teachers needed, and remember, this is from one source only, shows 421 jobs available:

Current Database Status (country/jobs):
Austria[1], Bahrain[1], Bhutan[1], Cambodia[1], China[37], Czech Republic[1], France[1], Georgia[1], Germany[4], Greece[2], Hong Kong[2], Indonesia[4], Iraq[1], Ireland[1], Italy[17], Japan[1], Kazakhstan[2], Kuwait[1], Kyrgyzstan[1], Malaysia[2], Mexico[1], Oman[1], Poland[4], Portugal[3], Russian Federation[10], Saudi Arabia[14], Singapore[1], South Africa[1], South Korea[7], Spain[28], Taiwan[1], Tanzania[1], Thailand[3], Tunisia[1], Turkey[4], Ukraine[3], United Arab Emirates[2], United Kingdom[138], United States[1], Vietnam[5], Worldwide[15] 

Worried about applying to a country where you know nothing about the language? Not to worry. Once there, you will find that the management people you deal with will be able to speak English - perhaps not perfectly but enough to be understood. Within a short while, you will begin to pick up some of the language anyway. As you are teaching your students English, they will teach you some of their language. 

This will come in handy later when you can use that new knowledge to determine whether or not students are making mistakes because they are directly translating from their language into English. This does not work. Students have to be taught the need to think in English. It takes a while but once they know how to do that, learning English will come a lot quicker.

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