Monday, June 13, 2011

Teaching Positions this week

As always there are many good ESL teaching positions waiting for enthusiastic and adventurous people who want to experience a foreign culture - maybe even learn a new language. If there are two things that look good on a resume, they are - teaching experience and international experience. Most companies have international dealings these days and are always looking for good people to progress into well-paying management roles. Whether or not you choose to remain in the teaching field or try the corporate route, the experience of teaching in another country will give your resume (CV) a healthy boost for the future.

Here are the jobs this week. Remember, these are from one source of many:

Current Database Status (country/jobs):
Bhutan[1], Bulgaria[1], Cambodia[1], China[35], Czech Republic[3], Estonia[1], France[3], Georgia[1], Germany[4], Greece[3], Hong Kong[3], Indonesia[5], Iraq[1], Italy[6], Japan[4], Kazakhstan[2], Kuwait[1], Kyrgyzstan[1], Malaysia[2], Malta[1], Mexico[1], Oman[4], Poland[2], Portugal[1], Russian Federation[8], Saudi Arabia[9], Singapore[1], Slovakia[1], South Korea[9], Spain[33], Taiwan[1], Thailand[4], Turkey[4], Ukraine[2], United Arab Emirates[1], United Kingdom[144], United States[2], Vietnam[7], Worldwide[11]

All you need  to apply in most non-English speaking countries is a degree (in any discipline), a TESOL Certificate and a willingness to learn and sometimes accept other cultures as they are.


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