Tuesday, July 1, 2014

'Make' as a Causative Verb

Yesterday, we looked at LET as a causative verb. Today we'll see how MAKE...is another causative verb.

MAKE = force or require someone to take an action
Grammatical structure:
  • MAKE + PERSON + VERB (base form)
  • After Jimmy broke the neighbour’s front window, his parents made him pay for it.
  • My ex-husband loved comedy and made me watch every episode of his favorite sitcom.
  • The teacher made all the students rewrite their papers, because the first drafts were not acceptable.
Note: When using the verbs force and require, we must use to + verb.
  • The school requires the students to wear uniforms.
    “Require” often implies that there is a rule.
  • The hijacker forced the pilots to take the plane in a different direction.
    “Force” often implies violence, threats, or extremely strong pressure

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