Monday, July 7, 2014

Want to See a Different Part of the World?

If you are ready to do some traveling and gain many new and interesting experiences, here’s a way you can do it all AND BE PAID FOR IT! Go overseas and teach for a year or two. Teachers get more holidays than most people. Steady job, salary, benefits, new culture to explore and country, new experiences and so much more.

There is a critical shortage of English teachers in many countries around the world. English has become the international language of business and personal communications. Thousands upon thousands of people want or need to learn to speak, read and write English.

You can earn your TESOL qualification in a month or so from Sunbridge Institute of English and be on your way to China or another country almost right away. We have been training people to teach overseas since 1998 and our TESOL certificates are well known and accepted around the world.

Most overseas schools offer a salary, health benefits, settling in allowance, free or subsidized accommodation, sometimes meals, Internet access and will reimburse your return airfare. My recommendation is to go where the jobs are most plentiful even if the country is not your first choice. 

Hey…think of the opportunities to travel and explore a country you’ve probably never been to before! You want to gain experience – then later, you could move to a different country. The important thing is to get started. Ready for a major change in your life? We can help you make it happen. New places to see! New friends! New experiences!

Click on this link to start: SunbridgeInstitute of English Make sure your passport is up-to-date and get ready to set out on a whole new adventure and life experience!

Dr. Robert Taylor    

PS: If teaching overseas is not for you but you know someone who would be interested, we pay a 10% referral fee. Forward this email to them, give us their name and email (be sure you let them know) and if they register for a course, we'll send you the referral fee!

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