Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adding Resources to your Teaching Arsenal – Part 1

Teaching truly is a learning curve. Your knowledge of the ins and outs of the English language will improve dramatically the longer you teach. Your students will ask many questions to which you will need to search for an answer. You will pore over grammar texts, Internet ESL websites and discuss many points with colleagues. 

All in all, this will make you a much better teacher.

A really good grammar text is indispensable. There are countless texts out there. Betty Azar’s Fundamentals of the English Language is a very good American English set – Student Book, Workbook and Teachers Book. Get them all. Be prepared to spend a little money on these resource texts. Don’t think of it as a one-time expense. These books will stay with you for years and you will refer to them often. Similarly, spend the money and get a good, big dictionary such as Oxford Advanced Learners. Advise your students to do the same

A good dictionary is a language learner’s best friend!

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