Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Stepping Stone or a Career?

When you are considering teaching abroad, chances are you are not thinking of it as a ‘forever’ career move. Fair enough. Not many of us know what the future holds. That is part of what makes life exciting, don’t you think? 

Teaching can be an excellent stepping stone to many other careers. Companies love to hire people with international experience; people who are comfortable teaching or training groups; who know how to research and develop lesson plans and training programs – or how to apply research to a company or organizational situation. 

If you teach overseas, make it a point to learn some of the language of the country. If you come to love the country (it happens!), you may end up returning there in another capacity…or training corporate people about that country. 

Travel within the country. Get to know the customs, likes and dislikes, traditions, problems and abilities of the people. Many companies pay handsomely for country experts.

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