Friday, February 4, 2011

Teaching Job Fairs

Throughout the year there are teaching job fairs in various cities around the world. You can find these just by searching in the Internet. If you have good credentials – a degree and a TESOL certificate – it is worth going to a big fair even if it is quite a distance away from you.

For one thing, it will give you a good idea of where the jobs are and you will be able to compare what schools in different parts of the world are offering. This will arm you for a bout of negotiating. 

I was told of one fellow in Canada who, having achieved his TESOL course, was told about an upcoming teaching fair in France by his TESOL course teacher. It was far away and quite expensive to travel there. His teacher told him it would be worth the trip.

At the very first booth he went to at the fair, he was offered a teaching job at a school in Saudi Arabia and a very good salary. He took it. Within two weeks on the job, a parent of one of his new students asked him to teach four members of the family evenings and weekends for 10 hours a week at a rate of $100 per hour! That’s about $4000 US per month just moonlighting! Now, this is an exception rather than a rule but it shows you what can happen. 

Do you think his expenses to get to the teaching fair were well spent? I think he would say they were!

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