Thursday, February 10, 2011

Discipline in the Classroom – Part 3

Another strategy I use that works well is writing lines. ESL students dislike having to write. So, after 2 warnings, I may assign 100 lines of ‘I will be quiet in class and listen to the teacher’. This is to be written in their notebook and handed in to me the following day. It must be in their handwriting and legible. 

Failure to do it means they are not allowed back in the class until it is done.

Sometimes, if the whole class is unruly, I tell them all to stand up. Then I continue the lesson with everyone standing. Believe me, they are not comfortable. Anyone talking gets sent out. After a while, I may ask them if they agree to be quiet if I let them sit. I’ve been known to go around and ask every student individually. 

Once they agree, they can sit down but are warned that any talking will result in them being sent out. Usually that does the trick.

The whole class may be given lines to write, too. That’s another possibility.

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