Saturday, February 12, 2011

Using a ‘class’ book’

I like to use a spiral bound notebook to keep information I need about all my classes. It gets added to daily and should have a good, plastic-protected hard cover. It needs enough pages for the full school year divided into each semester and term. Our year has two terms per semester. 
I allow several pages per class. If you only have one class it’s a piece of cake (easy!) but if you have multiple classes, the book will be invaluable to you. I’ve had up to 22 classes with over 900 students I saw each week!

If you teach the same subject to different classes, you will find that, with holidays, etc. some classes get ahead or behind the others. So, you need to keep track of where you are with each class. 

Page 1 – Class 1

I set up a table using Word or Excel. I list each student by name and class/student number. When I take attendance, I call out the name and slowly get to remember more name and correlate names and faces.

There are columns for each lesson date so I can mark attendance. I also use these columns to add in project marks. There is a total column far right to total up missed days and marks given. 

I also use the book as noted in previous posts to knock off marks for misbehaving students. They all know I have the book and see me record attendance – and not down any unruliness or other misbehavior. 

This notebook can get pretty ratty looking by the end of the year which is why you need a good, sturdy one. Believe me, it is worth it’s weight in gold.

You can also use it if you meet with parents to show if their son or daughter missed days or assignments and how their grades stack up aghinst the rest of the class.

I then transfer marks earned into the first column after the student’s name for the next term so I can quickly refer to them during class if need be.

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