Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Want to teach but don’t have a degree?

We regularly receive enquiries from people who would like to teach overseas but who have not completed a bachelor's degree. In the past it was quite easy to teach in many countries without a degree, however that is changing and it is becoming more and more difficult. It is not only a school requirement. Immigration authorities require a degree in order to grant you a visa to remain in their country for the duration of your contract with a school. In some countries, such as Thailand, you need to pass through three government ministries: 

- Immigration grants a visa for the duration of your contract,
- Labour grants a work permit, and
- Education reviews your education documents and authorizes the other two ministries to proceed.

Your school will facilitate this, but you do have to have all your documents, including a degree and a TESOL certificate to ensure you meet the requirements of most countries.
Sunbridge Institute of English has teamed up with Interfaith Academy to assist those people who want to teach overseas but are hampered by not having completed a bachelor's degree. 

Thanks to our agreement with Interfaith Academy, you can now have your Sunbridge Advanced TESOL Diploma credited towards their Bachelor Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. Assuming you meet their other requirements, they will confer a Bachelor Degree. InterFaith Academy is a non-profit, educational ministry and academy, incorporated in the State of Delaware, USA.

This is exciting news!

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