Monday, February 7, 2011

Teaching Jobs – February 7, 2011

Here are the latest teaching jobs from around the world. As always, we remind you that these are from one source only and represent a tiny portion of the vast number of teaching positions available.

Be flexible. Be ready to go when you apply because these are immediate vacancies. 

Current Database Status (country/jobs):

Bulgaria[1], China[26], Cyprus[1], Czech Republic[2], France[3], Georgia[1], Germany[2], Greece[1], Hong Kong[1], Indonesia[8], Ireland[1], Italy[9], Japan[2], Kazakhstan[2], Kyrgyzstan[1], Libyan Arab Jamahiriya[1], Malaysia[2], Malta[1], Morocco[1], Oman[5], Poland[1], Portugal[1], Qatar[1], Russian Federation[5], Saudi Arabia[9], Singapore[1], South Korea[6], Spain[11], Thailand[2], Turkey[2], United Arab Emirates[5], United Kingdom[82], Vietnam[4], Worldwide[5]

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